Who We Are

Why 'Penguin Electrical'

Penguin Electrical was founded by Brad McDonald, who relocated from a small town in Tassie in 2013.
Funnily enough, his home town is called Penguin (it all makes sense now…).

Brad quickly built a reputation as one of Perth’s most wanted electricians with his well mannered, hard working and friendly attitude towards his clients electrical requirements and always being clean and tidy.

Formerly Bradmac Electrical, Penguin Electrical has built strong relationships with property managers in both residential and commercial. Trusted for many years by so many repeat clients are testament to the Penguin Electrical team who stand so strongly by their company values.

Penguin Electrical are continuing to grow and are continuing to develop and adapt to this ever changing world to help save your family home or business on not only the install costs from the most efficient and reliable electricians, but by implementing the most advanced technology available on the market to help you remain as energy efficient as possible.